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new O R I G I N A L S are here for F A L L !

Jennifer Atkinson

In autumn, we all start to unwind from the craze of summer and start to stay in our homes just a little bit longer. This to me, is when I start to want to redecorate, unwind and refresh my living space. This collection initially began naturally because I wanted some new work on my walls, but somehow naturally, a new series began instead!



Inspired by minimalism, natural elements, and calm energies, this collection is definitely one of my favourites and feels truly authentic to my creativity and self expression.


This collection of original paintings consists of 6 pieces, all in which work together in harmony while still maintaining an individuality within themselves. Three pieces have been painted on 300 lb heavy weight watercolour paper, which has been the first time I have used this type of surface for a piece. These 3 were inspired by mountainous landscapes and the powerful and stillness they represent.


Two other abstract pieces have been done on canvas sheets, and are much more about the calm, and luminous force of the east coast waters. Softly swaying their tones poetically while still maintaining a modern, simplistic feel.


 Finally, I left the last piece to be a monotone, tranquil landscape painting, allowing you to bring the outside into your space on gallery wrapped canvas.



I hope you enjoy my new set of work and find something you'd like to bring into your home, work space or for a loved one for an intended gift for a special occasion or the holidays coming in a few months! If you end up having any questions please don't hesitate to ask!



Jenn Atkinson