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Jenn + Chillin With Bernie

Jennifer Atkinson

I had teamed up with Chillin With Bernie the other week to get some promo shots done of myself for the website launch. First time in front of a camera people... so lets just say I didn't have high hopes for myself to not look like Chandler Bing. I did however have complete confidence in Kyle to work his magic with me. I've followed him on instagram for a while and really enjoy his personal style. I think a lot of people assume photography is just an aim + shoot + filter thing these days when it's such a intense art form in itself. It takes so much thought, inspiration and attention to detail. Here are a few favourites (but are not limited to) of mine that came from the day.

Also, don't forget to check out his blog and give him a follow on instagram!

Chillin With Bernie


Thanks Bernie!


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