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Summer Sale!

Jennifer Atkinson

summer abstract art sale

As I get busier, and my creative well is full, I need to make some room for my new work and summer inventory. What better way of celebrating the summer season than a s a l e anyway, right?!

I have selected 9 beautiful abstracts of mine to be part of this HUGE 50% off sale for the month of July /16. All of these pieces are full of rich texture, colour and meaning. Organically inspired by nature and culture, each piece gives a room energy and vibrancy. It's so easy to stay safe with neutrals within your decor and then tie it in with an original painting with a colourful story behind it. 

I hope you take some time to look at these paintings I so dearly admire. I won't be doing many sales like these so it's best to grab one before they're gone! To get an original piece of artwork at half the price is a deal you don't want to miss!

Feel free to share with family, friends & art admirers alike !


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