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5 Ways I Find Inspiration

Jennifer Atkinson

5 ways i find inspiration

5 Ways To Find Inspiration 

As any creative, you probably find yourself one moment, energized and filled with new creative ideas, and then the next moment, your creative well is bone dry, nothing, nodda, dead to the core. For the first two years of my art business life, this was me 3 times out of the year and it would last anywhere from a month to two months. It would almost scare me! "I've got nothing, does that mean I have to quit? Are people going to forget me? How do I force myself out of this slump?" 

I'm now coming up to my 3 year art anniversary (awwww) and this is the first year I haven't hit a creative slump.. but why? First off, I want to tell you my view on having dry periods. THEY'RE A GOOD THING! Those moments are perfect for self & business reflection. Those are the moments I take to shift my focus from creating on canvas to creating my goals, incubate my ideas and brainstorm how I can grow. So, even when I'm not in the mood to paint, that doesn't necessarily make me feel anxious anymore. It doesnt make me feel like I'm in a dry spell because it's communicating to me that I just need to shift my thinking to the other aspects in my business and maybe slow down and take the time to generate ideas.

During the times when I'm trying to throw together how I should approach my next set of paintings, these are 5 ways that help me stay inspired!


1) Pinterest

- We all know how much content is on this social media platform. I could probably spend everyday on Pinterest and not get a single thing done. My morning routine is I usually get up at 6:30 a.m, get my coffee and sit and research ideas on Pinterest. I have different boards for different categories that I feel pertain to me and my craft and depending on the morning, I focus on one main topic and search the crap out of it ! My boards keep me organized, and because I am my own marketer, crafter, social media "specialist", art photographer and packager (the list goes on) I have to know much more than just how to paint to stay relevant in this world. Then, anytime I get stumped I can go back to my board and see some ideas, tips and tricks I may need at the time.

Maybe I was inspired by clouds one morning, so then the next time I get the paints out and I'm unsure what I should do I can go back to my past ideas!

2) Take an Adventure

- I am truly inspired by nature, and all of the elements. So naturally, this would be a huge help to me. Taking an adventure can be relative to whatever interests you. For me, I love going out into wooded pathways, or parks and taking it all in. The sounds, smells, views, it all seems too whimsical and beautifully intriguing. Your adventure could be to go to local shops, or if you love architecture you could go to a new city or new parts of your own city you haven't yet adventured into. Anything goes!

3) Look at other Artists, what are they doing that's successful? 

- If I feel I'm in a slump, and I haven't gotten some sales or new ideas in a while, I use this time to brainstorm what i could switch up or try that I haven't done yet. This doesn't mean copying other artists, but to be inspired by them. Whether it's a business tactic I see a few artists are doing that seem to be working for them, how can I implement that in my own way? Maybe I see a colour scheme I never thought of, or a brush stroke I've never tried. I can use all these little pieces to incorporate something within my own style while still feeling it's authentic to me.

4) Do something I enjoy that's not related to my artwork

- It's like the saying "Get your head out of the books!". Sometimes you need to just step away and take a breather. In the summer, I love tennis, all year round I love to walk, sometimes I just need a good friend to chat with and a glass of wine in hand. We shouldn't beat ourselves down when we simply need a break. Sometimes just removing yourself from the problem can allow your mind to open back up again.

5) Podcasts

- There are some fabulous podcasts out there for business and creatives that can shed some light on whatever you may need help with. My current podcasts I've been loving are:

Creative Empire

Artists Helping Artists

Being Boss

Creative Pep Talk


Hope this helps you stay inspired!


jennifer atkinson